By the Hour Billing

When restoring a vehicle, the unknown factors that arise during a build can be countless and every vehicle is different. Keeping that in mind, we bill by the hour and include the cost of consumables used on your project purchased by our shop. Our labor rates are competitive and vary amongst the services we provide. When your project is brought to us, we will execute an Intake Form and Work Authorization Form. Using these tools, we will outline the services you request of us, and will also add any future additions you request, confirming the work agreed upon. In addition, if there are unforeseen circumstances that arise causing a change in the Work Authorization and/or affecting the budget, we will communicate these issues to the customer for approval before providing the service. On complete restorations, until a vehicle has been completely disassembled and stripped, we will not know the complete scope of necessary work that is needed.


These are a not typical to a restoration shop and customers should beware of a shop that provides one on a vehicle they have not thoroughly diagnosed. We ask you to keep in mind that restoration of classic cars is an art form that requires finesse and takes more than simply slapping parts on. Understandably, a customer wants to have a quote before choosing a shop, to know what they are getting into. This is a typical practice for Collision repair and Mechanical repair of newer cars, however, there is no Mitchell Manual for Restoration work. The vehicle is complete when it is right, not when we have reached a certain price point. We prefer to not provide these quotes; they give the customer a "magical number" of when the vehicle will be done. Quotes are unfair to the customer and the business and typically cause a shop to do whatever it takes to complete the job with them still making a profit, possibly jeopardizing the quality of the finished project. Bombshell Speed & Custom takes pride in the work we produce and know our name is associated with your project, therefore, we will do what it takes to complete your project the right way. We want your investment to last for years to come and for you to be proud of your vehicle and the services we provided. A vehicle's overall condition when we receive it, along with the amount of original or custom parts needed will vary amongst every project, therefore comparing one to another will most likely be an unreliable guess. We will be glad to closely examine your vehicle and make you aware of what we see that will need work if you do not require a complete restoration and provide a preliminary cost approximate range. However, in no way will we bound ourselves to a price and skip out on quality or necessary work to provide you with a pristine vehicle.

Not only do we service classic vehicles, but also provide customization to newer year vehicles as well. For specific customizations, we are usually able to provide an estimated cost, however, again, we will bill by the hour and customers will be given information on our labor rates in a transparent form.


The ability to make a wise investment begins in the purchasing stage. When you pick a vehicle to restore by purchase or perhaps a hand-down from a family member, the investment is dependent on the current market. For example, if we have 2 cars, one is a 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang Fastback and the other a 1967 Mustang Coupe, we'll say both need the same amount of bodywork and part replacement, paint, metal fab, mechanical repair, and the same amount of total hours to complete the restoration. The retail value of the Shelby Mustang Fastback is about 150K, while the Mustang coupe is valued at about 20K. If the price of the restoration investment is the same, you can clearly see the difference in return on investment. The retail value is based on the current market, which is determined by what someone is willing to pay, as well as basic supply and demand. You as the customer have the power to determine the return on investment by the choice of vehicle you choose to restore. Regardless of retail value, we will restore any classic vehicle our customers may request; sometimes the sentimental value is more important than investment, and we fully understand that.

The best way to start your restoration is bring us the vehicle to inspect in person. If it is not currently in a movable state, we can discuss your vision and options.